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The F Word


The project celebrates the power of the feminine in the fashion industry. The core value is to promote an equal and fair wage for women in the industry, by modernising and re-evaluating the supply chain process.


The concept of the photoshoot is to depict the masculine qualities of women in managerial positions against their softer, more feminine qualities as caregivers, nurturers and homemakers.


To achieve this, I styled the models in suits and bow ties, usually associated with men, and photographed them in a location which had a lot of pink and flowers, to create the contrast.

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Location - Museum of Dreamers, Milan.

Flower Market, Milan.


One Time
or Never


The brief was to design a complete Retail Visual Merchandising project in conjunction with one student from the Fashion Design Master.

One Time Or Never - That's how many times Gen Z wears clothes before re-selling them or throwing them away.

Our idea is to educate the customer about the Cost per Wear.

Cost per wear is calculated by dividing the cost of the garment by the number of times you can wear the clothes.

Thus, the more you wear a garment, the lower the cost per wear.

Pure Form


The brief was to style an editorial photoshoot for a Men's Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine called ICON. 

The team was given a pre-decided theme - Essentiality: Geometry, Minimalism and Pure Colour.

Fashion Story:

Our protagonist finds inner peace and confidence through the process of owning fewer clothes and reconnecting with the outside environment after being indoors during the pandemic.